Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sequin Prom Gowns to Sparkle Your Night

A prom dress can come in various styles,but if you want to shine like a real Hollywood star,the sequins one must be the first option. A sequin prom dress is for girls who really take this life-time event seriously and want to create a wow look that they rarely try. If you want to look like you just stepped off a Miss America pageant, then you need a gorgeous sequin dress to wear.

Mermaid:goddess's choice

Item ID JSLD0005 from JuesheGowns.com

Item ID JSLD0223 from JuesheGowns.com

Ombre:new trend

Slit:high-key style

Ball Gown:princess-like

I like the peacock blue mermaid and gold ball gown style the most,which sequin gown is your favorite?