Friday, May 24, 2013

What to Do Next After Getting Your Wedding Gown

You could take a  rest after getting your dream wedding dress.However,there is still other important homework you should consider before you head down the aisle.So keep your chin up and restart your wedding preparation journey:

1. Consider Your Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid dresses can not only be worn for wedding but also be second used as a cocktail party dress or casual wear for some social occasions.So it is worth to spend a bit on them as long as your bridesmaids think the same way.Figure out which style you like the most and fit your wedding ceremony,classic colors like blue,purple and red are very popular,print is another bridesmaid dress trend in this season.You can choose one style in different colors or one color in different styles,there is no strict rule.Go with your favorite.

2. Put Something Blue

Don't feel too stressed on this topic,you just need to put that traditional symbol on anywhere on your wedding.Wear a blue garter or blue wedding shoes,use blue ribbon to wrap your flowers or add blue color tablewear.It is easy and funny.

3. About Accessories/Jewelry

Consider if you need accessories like wedding veil,bolero jacket,gloves,etc.For jewelry,you must consider if you need something gleaming to highlight your gown or a specific part of your body.

4. Choose Your Shoes

This is a must-have step to complete your bridal look.Things like color,style,height of the heel are the key elements you must consider.White and ivory are classic,unique style like boots are also nice choice.

5. Buy Undergarments

If you need invisible bra or a bodysuit to shape your body,you must have your undergarments on hand at your first fitting.

6.Get Dress Altered

If the dress you buy can't fit you very well,you may need to find a trustful tailor to get your gown altered.Remember don't leave it to the last minute cause it isn't insured if the dress can be altered especially some complicated design.

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